It is no longer a matter of if your company will be breached – but when. The growing dependence on technology as a whole has also brought a similar up rise in cyber attacks. Whether you’re in the financial industry, healthcare, retail, or technology, your business may be a key target for attackers.

In an ever-shifting threat landscape you need a dedicated security team on your side to handle the many risks presented to your specific industry. Experienced in multiple verticals, our consultants have insight into the needs of healthcare, financial services, retail, technology, hospitality, and energy. By bringing real-world, industry experience to each organization, Outer Orbit enables businesses to further develop their information security and compliance programs.


Healthcare Industry


The Healthcare Industry's growing dependence on integrated technology has created numerous attack vectors within organizations that are trying to keep focus on continuous patient health. With ever-changing HITECH and HIPAA compliance requirements needing to be met, many times security is undermined to meet the bare essentials in compliance. Outer Orbit has the expertise needed to develop sound security policies and procedures needed to not only meet compliance but mitigate security risks.


Finance Industry


The Financial Services Industry stores much of the information we hope to keep most confidential - card data, banking info, and oftentimes our personal data as well. While the stress of avoiding a breach can be difficult enough, the complex compliance requirements can be its own set of hurdles. Outer Orbit' principal consultants and researchers have worked with the Big Four Audit firms and other financial organizations to help secure operations and meet on-going compliance requirements.


Tech Industry


The Tech Industry creates products and services that are the driving force behind the automation and strategy businesses use as a competitive advantage. Whether it is proprietary or an out-of-the-box your technology it may have security gaps unseen by the business. Outer Orbit' consultants have decades of experience penetration testing and researching various tech mediums and platforms used by legacy systems and even cloud and IoT devices.


Retail Industry


The Retail Industry faces numerous challenges while protecting payment card information and sensitive user data. From skimmers to malicious code used to infiltrate point-of-sales (POS) systems, the Retail Industry's dependence on technical integration and poor security standards has resulted in both the Target and Subway breaches. Outer Orbit has experience regulating unique environments for PCI DSS compliance and other regulatory requirement standards.


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Outer Orbit assists businesses across New Zealand and beyond to identify security risks and vulnerabilities within their infrastructure.

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